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August 31, 2014


#1 reason I am disappointed in doctor who right now:

  1. not being empathetic to others is NOT CUTE (didn’t i already rant about this last week) IT IS NOT UR CUE TO INSERT LAUGH TRACK and it is most certainly not laudable stop stop stop stop how can you tell me the doctor is thousands of years old and that he DEEPLY cares about people but at the same time he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to respect people’s mental states when their loved ones have died? or to literally be sensitive to anyone in distress ever? especially to anyone who is afraid they are going to die because of danger he PUT THEM IN?? pls stop using this as a throwaway gag like HAHA so UNEXPECTED WHAT AN ALIEN no this is not my doctor i have higher standards for the doctor than this just sTOP

also you should not write dialogue just because you think it would make a cute sound byte/gif. hello i’m having deja vu IS THIS 2010 AM I WATCHING GOSSIP GIRL GO TO PIECES AGAIN everything is so jagged and there are so many non sequiturs and just……where is the DEVELOPMENT

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see i thought that the episode was sort of a culmination of everything moffat is turning to shit about the show. he's trying to use this "formula" that he somehow extracted out of new who, but what he doesnt realize is that the formula he's using is stupid and wrong and broken so he gets an F on his math test and he's like "why the hell did I get an F in math" and IT'S BECAUSE HE SHOULDN'T BE WRITING DOCTOR WHO THAT'S WHY YOU GOT AN F STEVEN MOFFAT BECAUSE YOU SHOULDN'T BE WRITING THIS SHOW
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I can’t even add commentary to this it’s too good and too accurate

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for starters i can effortlessly imagine all of capaldi’s dialogue coming out of matt smith’s mouth. the flow, the pacing, the jokes, the sense of humor, it’s all reading the same to me. this is a man who speaks faster than he can think and doesn’t give a crap who he puts down or belittles or offends because of it, and this is a man who is convinced he is the smartest person in the room and that everyone around him is just an inferior human. these were the WORST parts of matt smith’s doctor and they are out in full force with mr. capaldi’s debut. sherlock 2.0: this time with more assholery.

and so much of the story is just careless. why would the viewer need to know why LITERALLY ANYTHING (i.e. the holding-breath thing) works? nah, let’s just keep them in a state of ignorance, much like clara, so that all onscreen revelations can seem all the more surprising and capital-B Brilliant. (I wanna bash someone over the head you cannot have a LEGITIMATELY GOOD SURPRISING MOMENT unless you have foreshadowed it well and let your audience have the clues they might need to understand what’s going on. “What’s the important question?” “Have there been recent similar murders?” is NOT cute is NOT surprising is NOT clever is NOT a funny, interesting plot twist. it is lazy writing and its being out of left field is NOT a good thing I DON’T UNDERSTAND why this lack of attention is suddenly the norm??? again non sequiturs != u r so clever omgg the smartest)

AND ANOTHER THING that gets my goose is that OH HO it is SO FUNNY AND SO CUTE to let clara legitimately think she is going to die?? and it’s aok to abandon her, and to assume she can escape an extremely dangerous situation thinking she has been abandoned, all so that we can get a cutesy hand-grabbing reveal? and ok too to strand her in the past to the point where she is trying to find a new home and a new job? NO, do not play fast and loose with human beings’ emotions like that. it just makes me so so so mad how moffat’s doctorS (now) have NO EMPATHY like this (mostly directed towards women, not even playing right now). asshole moves like this are TRAUMATIZING but we can bet this will never be addressed. because clara is happy to travel with the doctor, even though he keeps LEAVING HER PLACES ALONE THIS IS NOT A NEW PHENOMENON no instead HEY she should be lucky to travel with him so she automatically relinquishes her right to be treated empathetically?? i don’t goddamn think so

((ps i am also legitimately starting to get skeeved out by this repeated trope of Mature Women in Highly Structured (probably black leather) outfits tossing out words like “sexy” and “boyfriend,” just casually referring to the doctor and being dominatrixy in a weird accessory-to-the-doctor way. NO. I am grossed out. everything is reading like some bizarre power trip. get a new aesthetic and stop putting your slimy mark on female sexuality like is this what you WISH women would act like i just can’t))

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all in all this episode was a pain to watch and I’m fuckin avoiding doctor who again forever until moffat is forcibly ejected from the crew

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really tho everything in the new who season is recycled from the enemies to the plotlines and clara's character is so weak like come on companions are for keeping the doctor in line not getting walked all over
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yaaaaaas preach yaaaaaas

I’m just SO DISAPPOINTED because new who used to be so cheesy…but so good?? like all the characters were well written, and there was none of this consistently recycled bullshit.

now it just seems like the same stuff over and over. the doctor never listens to anyone he travels with, he has some fuckin god complex always, the girls just wanna make out with the doctor and get ZERO development outside of that, all the minor characters die for no reason, angst angst angst angst, steven moffat sucking his own dick, etc

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90% of steven moffat doctor who dialogue

doctor: time for a ridiculous, half-assed, and plot hole ridden idea

"STRONG" female character: [slaps the doctor] doctor are you out of your mind

doctor: silly girl...I see stars burn every single day...you are but a human who cannot understand MY SUFFERING...

"STRONG" female character: oh doctor I did not realize...truly you are a tortured soul...let's make out

doctor: foxy wench I do not have time for this sexiness

[laugh track plays]

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ohhhhh my god watching the new doctor who episode and it sucks so much dick smh

moffat’s shitty writing shines through time after time?? everything clara says is dismissed because she’s a SILLY GIRL and of cooooourse the doctor is strong and independent and doesn’t care about anyone dying lmao the only time he cares about ANYONE is when he asks if clara is “in love” because she is smiling. yup moffat, women are only happy when they’re in love. you nailed it

while I was typing this someone told clara not to worry about catcalling because she was “built like a man”

[makes a fart noise with armpit]

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101 things to do on a sinking ship to kill time
a book by junpei


101 things to do on a sinking ship to kill time

a book by junpei

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August 30, 2014


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so my sister is sending me the entirety of 999 through emojis

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