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April 19, 2014

"akane was the real villian of 999"


"how could anyone be heartless enough to risk that many people’s lives"


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can junpei remember his childhood nickname for akane before it’s too late

i don’t know…kanny

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imagine if 999 got dangan ronpa levels popular and people started walking around with urls like akane—kurashikiiis-armpit

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Luna: Quark has a virus called radical-6.

Tenmyouji: ...

Luna: It's a horrible disease that makes him more and more radical. Look, he's already doing skateboard tricks in his sleep! Now he's dropping out of school!


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9 hours 9 persons 9 doors 9 layers of clothing per character

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sometimes I forget that 999 exists and then sometimes I have to make 19 text posts in a row about junpei

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the digital root of 420 is 6

let that sink in

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I wish I knew the context of this scene because all I can think is “This is it. Eyebrow jesus has finally returned.”

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[akane voice] it’s a metaphor. you take the killing thing and then you give it the power to kill everyone on this moonbase. haha radical-6 sure is great

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